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Impact Research NZ (IRNZ) has extensive research and evaluation experience in the social, education and health sectors. We are based in Auckland and work all over New Zealand. Research and evaluation contracts have ranged in duration from a few months to multi-year . Contracting agencies include small, medium and large not-for-profit organisations, philanthropic trusts, councils and government ministries. Contract work has included: research to inform new initiatives, social impact research, formative, process and summative evaluations, impact studies, strategic organisational reviews and organisational development, quality assurance for research and evaluation projects for other organisations. We work collaboratively with clients and adhere to an ethical approach to project design and implementation to ensure objectives are achieved. We have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods and use software packages such as NVivo, SPSS and Infographics. We have experience in successfully utilising a Kaupapa Māori approach to achieve project objectives for Iwi and Ministries. We have worked closely with Pasifika organisations on the design and implementation of projects. We also offer Results Based Accountability (RBA) consultancy to work along side organisations to enhance their work. We work with NGOs in the social sector to build research and evaluation capacity (For details please see or dedicated website ).

IRNZ maintains a core group of contract researchers and several senior Research Associates who regularly work with us. Together they enable us to cover a broad range of research and evaluation projects that are peer-reviewed and meet our contractual obligations on time and within budget. We regularly collaborate with other research companies and universities. For further information please see


Dr Annie Weir, Director, Impact Research NZ
PO Box 9591
Newmarket, Auckland, 1149

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