Our friends at AES are hosting a fantastic online panel session this month and welcome all interested ANZEA members:

Date and time: Wednesday 17th November 2021⎢8.00 – 9.00am (NZ time)
Topic: Afghanistan – taking stock and looking forwards
Panel members: Prof. Jonathan Goodhand, Dr. Hafiza Yazdani and Joseph Schumacher.
Hosts: Dr. Marie Nissanka and Andrew Collins
Venue: Via Zoom. Details will be emailed to registrants just prior to the seminar start time
Register online by: 14th November 2021

This is a free event organised by the Aotearoa New Zealand Regional Network Committee of the AES.

Event overview

The cataclysmic humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan sees many try to desperately flee, while some continue to live under an uncertain Taliban regime. This situation was a long time in the making and many would argue that international actors played a significant role in shaping the conditions that led to the current crisis. In this session we focus on international efforts in Afghanistan including its goals and programmes to simultaneously address terrorism, promote democracy, build peace and support development. We explore the results and legacies of these efforts, how they are enmeshed in the current crisis and what lessons can be learned about future engagement in the country, including how positive gains such as health, education and women’s rights can be protected.