The ANZEA Board and Co-convenors warmly invite your proposals to contribute to a successful ANZEA2020. 

The ANZEA2020 Conference aims to serve as a catalyst for innovative thinking and dialogue on the role of evaluation and on the transformative impact we can make. We live and work in an era of uncertainty in which facts are heavily debated through ideological lenses and where people have difficulty finding common ground.
In this context, we have hope in the role of evaluation to help us come to trusted, credible, and evidence-based conclusions about the quality, importance and value of what is relevant in our society. Our role as evaluators is to increase our society’s capacity, both locally and globally, to make better decisions for people and planet based on credible evidence.

Welcome everyone
We encourage contributions from a wide range of people: those who work in evaluative or evaluation-related fields or work; evaluation commissioners, users and practitioners; as well as those working and learning in complementary areas of focus that can serve to strengthen evaluative work and broaden evaluative insights.

Conference theme
Our conference theme is organised around a dual focus of social equity and a safer climate. Woven through this dual focus are four further strands: innovation; indigenous ways of knowing; leadership; and methodology.  
This theme aims to help us explore the ways that evaluation in Aotearoa New Zealand might contribute to:
● understanding current local and global crises and challenges
● taking positive action towards wellbeing, with a focus on social equity and a safer climate 
● helping vulnerable communities adapt to current and future changes 
● building collective and progressive responses as a profession, and
● providing evaluation leadership on the global stage for social equity and a safer climate.

In preparing your conference proposals, we invite you to consider and respond to the following questions developed originally by the American Evaluation Association, that cut across our conference theme.

  1. What evaluation approaches, methods and practices help us address some key issues of our time—the threats of climate change and social inequity which impact on well-being.  How might we create spaces for Māori and Pacific peoples to self-determine and lead their own evaluation agendas? How might we ensure our evaluations become laser-focused in supporting stakeholders to understand the issues and choose wise actions?
  2. What have we learned about innovating and adapting our evaluation approaches, methods and practices? How can we make our profession even more relevant to communities and their aspirations? How can our evaluation practice support knowledgeable and helpful dialogues amongst diverse interests? How can we best equip ourselves in a context of increasing digitisation, to harness new data sources and tools and use them judiciously?
  3. How do we in Aotearoa New Zealand address the Sustainable Development Goals to protect human rights, champion equity and support diversity with a focus on creating well-being? How do we ensure that the voices and values of all key communities, and not just the most powerful ones, are heard?
  4. What is our leadership role in systematically seeking to provide useful answers to the important questions? As the challenges we are evaluating become ever more complex, how do evaluators ensure they remain credible when evaluating controversial issues, keep a sense of calm, and act with courage? 

To submit your proposal, please follow this link. Proposals are due by Friday 20th March.