Evaluation innovation in Aotearoa:
Enabling a safer climate and social equity for wellbeing

Toitū te whenua, toitū te tangata, whakamaua kia tina!

The ANZEA2020 Conference aims to serve as a catalyst for innovative thinking and dialogue on the role of evaluation and on the transformative impact we can make. 

We live and work in an era of uncertainty in which facts are heavily debated through ideological lenses and where people have difficulty finding common ground. Some social and political commentators have even coined this the ‘post-truth’ era.  

In this context, we have hope in the role of evaluation to help us come to trusted, credible, and evidence-based  conclusions about the quality, importance and value of what is relevant in our society. Our role as evaluators is to increase our society’s capacity, both locally and globally, to make better decisions for people and planet based on credible evidence.

The Government’s 2019 Wellbeing Budget signalled a priority to support the wellbeing of all New Zealanders and the environment, in response to New Zealanders who expect government to measure our success in line with their values – fairness, protection of the environment and strong communities. 

This year’s Conference has a dual focus on wellbeing – social equity and a safer climate – that is interwoven with four strands: innovation; indigenous ways of knowing; leadership; and methodology. 

Through this focus we encourage conference participants to explore how evaluation in Aotearoa New Zealand might contribute to:

  • understanding current crises and challenges
  • taking action for social equity and a safer climate 
  • helping vulnerable communities adapt to current and future changes 
  • building collective responses as a profession; and
  • providing evaluation leadership on the global stage for a safer climate.

We invite participation from a wide range of people who work in evaluative fields, as well as areas that might not be formally described as evaluation, but where complementary activities and learning can give insight to those working in the evaluation field.