ANZEA warmly invites you to register for our online workshop with Bob Williams on Systemic Practice in Evaluation: How systems thinking can help your evaluation. 

This full-day workshop will be split into two 3-hour sessions over two different days.

Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th August ⎢9:30am – 12:30 pm


Early bird ANZEA member* – $250+gst
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Non-member* – $375+gst

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Systemic Practice in Evaluation: How systems thinking can help your evaluation. 

About the session

Every evaluation has to address three big issues.  Its focus (what should it assess), it’s scope (what else does it need to consider) and what are the key criteria (how should it assess the worth of the intervention or program). Terms of reference often claim to contain the answer, but on close inspection get frustratingly vague.  How many times have you gone back to an evaluation commissioner and asked what actually is the intervention, where does it begin and end, and what exactly do you mean by ‘effective’ or ‘achievement’?  These issues also lie at the heart of systemic practice, and the way that the field address these questions can be usefully applied to evaluation.
For a couple of decades Bob Williams has been experimenting and exploring ways in which the systems field can assist the evaluation field address these conundrums.   This webinar-based workshop will give you an opportunity to try three of them out for yourself under his guidance. You will work on a given case, and reflect on application to your own evaluation practice. You will work on your own, in small groups and there will be some homework between the two sessions.  

By the end of this webinar you will able to address the issues of evaluation scope, focus and criteria in a systemic way.   You will also have access to a free copy of Bob’s on-line workbook, Systemic Evaluation Design.

This is not a webinar on ’systems thinking’; but on the way you will also learn a bit about what ’systemic practice’ is and how it relates to evaluation.
Because of the focus on key aspects of evaluation design and specification, it will be relevant to both evaluation commissioners and evaluation practitioners alike.

Bob Williams

Bob is a recognised authority on the application of blending methods drawn from the evaluation and systems fields. The American Evaluation Association awarded him the Lazarsfeld Prize for his contributions to this practice. He has been based in New Zealand for 30 years, but works all over the world – even when broken bones and viruses try their best to stop him!Within New Zealand he has worked on evaluations relating to workplace safety, health promotion, knowledge management, computer games, adult education, family violence, government services to Māori, and energy efficiency among many others.  In other parts of the world he has worked on evaluations relating to BAME access to higher education, environmental policy, humanitarian issues, the relationships between environmental and human health, sustainability of community projects, provision of rural welfare services and organisational learning.