Dovetail is an evaluation and social research company, based in Auckland
  • Auckland
  • Aotearoa New Zealand

Our purpose is to help build thriving, sustainable and inclusive communities. We do this by helping people and organisations to see the impact they’re making, and supporting decision-making for positive future directions.

Dovetail draws on a multi-disciplinary network of experienced research and evaluation professionals. We work with our clients as partners in development and learning. We work across New Zealand and in the Pacific.

We support:

  • Funders to understand the impact of their investments
  • Service providers to enable change and improvement
  • Community organisations to capture and communicate the impact of their activities
  • People who want to build their own capacity to explore the difference they are making.

Dovetail’s expertise includes the health, social, transport, disability, local government, sport and recreation, and energy sectors. We work with public, private and community sectors, as well as with philanthropic organisations.

Our work spans programme evaluation, facilitation, qualitative and quantitative research, literature analysis and impact assessment.

We achieve our purpose through our core values of:

  • Integrity – We care about what we do and the impact we have
  • Respect – We value all contributions and perspectives
  • Inclusion – We create connections and bring in the knowledge and skills of all
  • Reciprocity – We give back
  • Learning – We look for opportunities to learn and share insight
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