• Level 12, Wellesley Centre, 44-52 Wellesley Street, Auckland

GravitasOPG is part of One Picture Group, a New Zealand-owned consultancy and comprises the
staff formerly of Gravitas Research and Strategy Ltd. We provide social research and evaluation
services predominantly to public-sector clients, with clients from the justice, transport, housing,
education, social development, social justice, environment, economic planning and development,
recreation and leisure, and health and disability sectors.

GravitasOPG comprises a highly skilled team of consultants with skills and experience from a range
of academic disciplines.  Collectively, we work to deliver research and evaluation solutions based on
sound methodologies that are tailored to meet specific project requirements, drawn from a wide-
ranging toolkit.

Our expertise includes:
 Customer experience and satisfaction;
 Reputation assessment and monitoring;
 Behaviour change;
 Urban planning;
 Public attitudes, awareness and behaviour;
 New service and programme development and concept testing;
 Needs assessment and community consultation;
 Policy analysis and development;
 Social marketing and communications development; and
 Service and programme evaluations, including impact assessment and process reviews.

Our services include:
 Large scale survey work including online, telephone and personal interviews;
 In-depth, analytical qualitative research;
 Observation and compliance monitoring;
 Data analysis, including synthesising primary and secondary data;
 Literature reviews; and
 Multi-lingual and cross-cultural research.

For further information, or to discuss your project needs, call us on 09 3568842, email or view our website

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