Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, kia orana, fakaalofa atu, talofa ni, ni sa bula, mālō e lelei, and warm Pasifika greetings,

Evaluation Matters – He Take Tō Te Aromatawai V.06 is available online.

The journal is available for you to read here.



Adrian Field and Seini Jensen, ANZEA Co-Convenors, foreword


Robin Peace, poem, Transformations

Kathleen Morrison, photograph, Bird Signs on the Land

Heather Nunns, Evaluation in dynamic times: skateboard, push bike or quad bike?

Adrian Field, Survey fatigue and the tragedy of the commons: Are we undermining our evaluation practice?

Howard Markland, Assuring our future: It’s time for action

Bob Picciotto, The complexity of Indigenous evaluation

Mathea Roorda, Amy Gullickson and Ralph Renger, Whose values? Decision-making in a COVID-19 emergency management scenario

Carol Mutch, Crisis leadership: Evaluating our leadership approaches in the time of Covid-19

John Njovu, Covid-19 and Indigenous evaluation in Zambia: My responses to the Covid-19 pandemic


Sonia Chen, What can Buddhism offer evaluation? Applying Buddhist concepts in evaluation

Toni Rewiri, Veraneeca Taiepa and Rosemary Dewerse, Āta-kōrero: Building evaluative conversation

Fiona Cram, Tanya Samu, Reremoana Theodore and Rachel Trotman, Māori whānau talk about whānau success: Findings from Round 1 of Ngā Tau Tuangahuru—the Māori and Pacific Education Initiative (MPEI) longitudinal study