Evaluation Matters – He Take Tō Te Aromatawai would very much like to hear about your evaluation lockdown experience and/or what you’re thinking the future of evaluation might now be. We invite you to a submit a short paper (2000-3000 words) to the next volume of the journal.

Papers can be about experiences, methods, thinking, speculations, etc. They can be written as thought-pieces, referenced papers, essays, reports about being agile and innovative, etc. Our brief is wide, and accepting of poetry and photo essays and other forms of expression.

We want to know what’s been on your mind, in your heart, (un)settling your puku, that can inform our thinking and practice in these times of pandemic shutdown and recovery slowdown.

Submit your papers by 31 August to Fiona Cram, Editor-in-Chief, at evaluation.matters@anzea.org.nz.