We worked in partnership with SuPERU to develop a set of Aotearoa-specific Evaluation Standards. The Standards provide guidance on what should occur at each stage of a quality evaluation process.

The Standards help to promote good practice for evaluation, and to assist policy and programme development and delivery.

Download the Aotearoa Evaluation Standards

Evaluation with Integrity

Underpinning these Standards is our core value – evaluation with integrity. What we mean by this, is that when we work, we consider the following four principles:

  • respectful, meaningful relationships
  • an ethic of care
  • responsive methodologies and trustworthy results
  • competence and usefulness

The Standards apply to commissioners evaluators, participants and users of evaluation.

Evaluation Competencies

The ANZEA evaluation competencies were developed over a two year period, and the final set of competencies was endorsed by the Board in 2011.

The ANZEA competencies are distinct, applying specifically to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Download the Aotearoa Evaluation Competencies


Why would you place valuing, culture, and cultural values at the centre of an evaluation competencies framework? What would it look like if you did? This new set of evaluator competencies from the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA) is distinct from other competency and credentialing frameworks developed around the world. Why do we believe this approach is key to promoting high quality, culturally sound, responsive, and ethical evaluation practice in Aotearoa New Zealand? This article outlines the process for developing the competencies as well as the reasoning and powerful exchange of ideas underpinning their development and subsequently infused in the competencies.

For more information about the development of the ANZEA competencies see below:

  • A summary of ANZEA’s Evaluator Competency 2010 Consultations: Issues and Tensions can be downloaded here.
  • Additional background information about the project can be downloaded here.