Each year, the International Labour Organization (ILO) undertakes an average 50 independent evaluations. To undertake this work, they rely on experienced evaluation consultants from all regions and countries across the globe. This is particularly important as they are keen to identify national evaluators whom are located in close proximity to where projects take place. The ILO Evaluation Office (EVAL) is therefore launching a campaign for expressions of interest from evaluators whom are interested to undertake evaluations in the future.

The ILO Evaluation Office (EVAL) relies on highly qualified evaluators to conduct independent evaluations of its projects, programmes, strategies and policies. Evaluation results, including their quality, are reported to the ILO’s Governing Body during its last session of the year, and are also available through the Annual Evaluation Report. Planned and completed evaluations, in addition to their related recommendations, lessons learned and good practices are publicly available via i-eval Discovery – EVAL’s dashboard that visualises evaluation results in an interactive and user-friendly manner.

As part of an effort to continuously attract skilled evaluators, EVAL is launching a campaign to update consultants’ profiles in its roster. Providing the most up-to-date information on your qualifications, skills and professional experiences will position you to be a more competitive candidate to conduct future evaluations.

As part of this effort, they are therefore requesting the following items:

  • An updated CV;
  • A picture of yourself to post in your profile; and
  • Certificate indicating completion of the Self-induction programme (See below for more information).

The material that you provide will be used to update your profile. It will be hosted in EVAL’s new Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) which is currently accessible to all ILO officials. In the near future, the KSP will be made available to all consultants (an email will be sent with instructions), thus enabling you to have full control of revising and updating your profile.

About the Self-induction programme for consultants:

Please make sure to use Google Chrome when completing the induction module. The self-induction programme for evaluation consultants provides an overview of ILO’s mandate and mission, the nature and characteristics of ILO’s work and the role of the Organisation in the 2030 Agenda. It also presents EVAL’s mandate and policy, the types of evaluations and nature of decentralised evaluation processes in the ILO. While some of the information in the induction programme will be very familiar to many of you, there is new material that will be of interest to seasoned consultants and to newcomers alike. Certainly, all consultants will benefit from completing the programme.

EVAL has developed this orientation programme to support evaluation consultants become more familiar with the unique aspects of the ILO and its evaluation policy and practice. This one-hour self-induction programme is structured in two parts. Part I provides an overview of ILO, its work and the role of the Organisation in the 2030 Agenda. Part II introduces the Evaluation Office, its policy and strategy, and the types of evaluations and characteristics of decentralised evaluation processes.

While not mandatory to undertake work for EVAL, Evaluation consultants interested to work with the ILO are invited to complete the self-induction programme and include the attestation of completion in future expression of interest for ILO evaluation assignments.

Please send all requested material to eval@ilo.org and include “consultant campaign” in the subject line. ILO will upload the material and automatically subscribe you to the ILO Evaluation Office newsletter so you receive the latest evaluation information from regions and departments, learn about new training opportunities, events, and about the latest completed and planned EVAL publications.


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