Research study on the early career evaluator experience

This independent study will explore the experiences of early career evaluators in Australia and New Zealand from their perspectives. The aim of the research is to understand how early career evaluators orient themselves in the evaluation field, set their career pathway, and build their evaluation capacity. The research will explore the supports and challenges early career evaluators access and contend with, respectively, across the diverse range of entry pathways and work contexts.

The research will be conducted by and with early career evaluators, to understand their experiences and interpret these through a lived experience lens.

The study will seek to interview a small and diverse sample of early career evaluators, and then build on the findings through a participatory workshop at the 2019 Australian Evaluation Society conference.

The study is seeking interview participants who:

  • Are evaluators: ‘those doing evaluation on a full-time, part-time or intermittent basis; those working as evaluators within specific organisations or as external consultants; those identifying as evaluators as well as those doing evaluation as part of their job, and, with varying degrees of competency.’ (Peersman and Rogers, 2017)
  • Self-identify as being in an ‘early career’ stage of their evaluation work
  • Have experience within Australia or New Zealand

Interview participants must be available to be interviewed between 15 – 21 July 2019.

If you are interested in participating in an interview…

  1. Please read the participant information sheet
  2. Tell us a little about yourself in this brief survey to help us select participants to represent diverse experiences and background. Please submit the survey by 5 July 2019.

Please get in touch with a member of the research team if you have any questions:

Francesca 456 574 250
Aneta 312 978 5064
Eunice 423 690 451