By Francesca Demetriou, Aneta Cram, and Eunice Sotelo

Francesca, Aneta, and Eunice have been working on an exploratory study on the ‘early career evaluator’ experience. In July and August, they conducted 14 interviews with a variety of people with different backgrounds, experiences and pathways into evaluation from across Australia and New Zealand.

They’re excited to share some of the emerging findings from their study with you!

They are sharing these findings now, in advance of their interactive session at the Australian Evaluation Society conference in Sydney. In the session, they’ll be sense-making and building on these findings. If you are an ‘early career’ or ‘emerging’ evaluator and are planning on attending the conference, please do come and join the conversation: Following the session, they’ll be working towards a full analysis of the data, and a final publication.

You can read the full report here. Please feel free to share with your networks!