The ANZEA Wellington Branch warmly invites you to a presentation on

Blurring research and policy boundaries in a world focused on ‘impact’ and ‘implications’: Have we moved too far in reaching out to commissioners of work so that it is now compromising our evaluation / research fidelity and integrity too much?

In this presentation John Wren asks, have we as evaluation / research professionals moved too far to reach out to meet the commissioners of work solely on their terms?
Is our work in danger of becoming a simple marketing ploy to present a policy position, is there a danger that work is being commissioned and delivered that crosses into advocacy, where are the boundaries, what are the markers of this change, and how do we as professional evaluators / researchers manage the dynamic?
Examples of markers of these dynamics will be suggested, and reference to a UK discussion will be provided for an international perspective. 
Is it time to push back, to ask and expect that the policy advisers and policy makers begin to upskill, respect and learn our disciplinary language, just as some of us have learnt theirs? Is it time for us as a professional body to have a professional public discussion about boundaries and what professional evaluation research integrity means in the 21st century?

We invite those in Wellington to come and offer your thoughts as part of this conversation.
TIME:4 – 5:30pm
VENUE:Education Review Office
Level 1, 101 Lambton Quay, Wellington
KOHA:Suggested $5 koha for drink choices
Our presenter
John Wren, is known to many in the Wellington ANZEA community through his work activities and various public and agency presentations. He has a wealth of experience in leading and managing at a Principal level a wide range of research and evaluation activities at MOH, ACC, Superu, and cross-agency research and evaluation projects.  He has a history of providing thought leadership, insight, knowledge transfer, and the advancement of collegial understanding and professional development of staff. His work has been described as impactful, insightful, timely, relevant, and great relationships.