Thank you to all who participated in our recent pulse survey!

We had a great response, with 95 people from across our membership and wider community contributing. This will be really helpful as we plan future online offerings.

Here are some of the things we learned:

  • Zoom is by far the most used platform, followed by Microsoft Teams (at some distance!), and then Skype.
  • Zoom is also your most preferred platform for all ‘typical’ activities we tend to do.
  • Other platforms you are using include Signal, Slack, WebEx, AdobeConnect, and Jitsi.
  • A third of you provided some more detailed feedback on why you choose the platforms you do. Many of you commented on stability issues. There was some variable feedback around which platforms perform best for you – but in general you seem to find Zoom more stable.
  • However several of you mentioned privacy considerations and concerns, around which are best or how to make them ‘safe’ for you and your ‘participants’. The good news is we are shaping up a follow up session for members that will focus specifically on privacy.

If you have any further input or questions about online meetings and webinar platforms please get in touch with us as

Ngā mihi nui.