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Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020

Thinking globally about evaluation seems to be on the rise. In March we noted the launch of Blue Marble Evaluation which is supporting evaluation to be part of global systems change. Eval partners have recently released Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 (EvalAgenda2020). EvalAgenda2020 provides a vision and plan to guide the global evaluation community. It draws on [...]

STrengthening Evaluation Practices and Strategies (STEPS) in Indigenous settings in Australia and New Zealand

From its very low-key and organic beginnings some years ago, the STEPS project (STrengthening Evaluation Practices and Strategies in Indigenous settings in Australia and New Zealand) has coalesced into a fully-fledged concrete study involving a small team of evaluators and practitioners across the two countries. The project’s genesis lies in our experiences as health evaluators (Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike), and our desire to improve evaluations undertaken in Indigenous settings.

Community Research | Ngā Kete May 2016

For those working to make a difference in an increasingly competitive Aotearoa, these kete from Community Research offer community sector expertise, resources, evidence and data to inspire you and inform you, plus details of how to book for the upcoming Winter 2016 Community Research Webinars! For more info visit http://www.communityresearch.org.nz/

Evaluation Matters – He Take Tō Te Aromatawai Update

Content for volume 2 issue 1 is ‘off to the printers’ for our online journal Evaluation Matters - He Take Tō Te Aromatawai. This issue features the 2015 ANZEA conference keynote and current AEA president, John Gargani’s, The Emergence of Evaluation as a Global Enterprise. Don’t forget to check out the full contents of volume [...]

Conference Earlybird Registrations extended to midnight Sunday, 12 June.

Earlybird Registrations extended for a further two weeks to midnight Sunday 12 June 2016. This extension applies to both registration for the conference, and registration for pre- and post-conference workshops. So register before 12 June to take advantage of the earlybird discount.

Supported Event: 2016 Claremont Evaluation Center – Professional Development Workshops

The Claremont Evaluation Center is pleased to bring you this longstanding series which provides practical and theoretical training in evaluation and applied research through one-day workshops, taught by academics and practitioners from across the globe. Previous years have consistently brought hundreds of participants to Claremont from all over the world, representing an exciting cross-section of the private and public sectors. In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to provide extensive online participation to make these workshops even more accessible; all the workshops will be offered in person as well as online!