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Evaluation Matters – He Take Tō Te Aromatawai Online First

We are excited to bring you the latest articles for the next volume of the journal Evaluation Matters—He Take Tō Te Aromatawai that are now Online First.

ANZEA Wellington Branch Event: Branch meet and greet plus a chat with Tom Schwandt.

We invite you to attend our first ANZEA Wellington Branch event for 2017 for a meet and greet of the branch as well as a fireside chat with our visiting US scholar Tom Schwandt.

Mini Workshop: Evaluative thinking and reasoning – the heart of evaluation by Tom Schwandt | Wellington 5 April

Well-known evaluation theorist and writer Professor Tom Schwandt has made himself available for another Wellington session. Tom has written extensively on evaluative thinking and reasoning and in this workshop he will present some of his latest ideas and writing, and will engage participants in deep discussion about these ideas so central to the practice of evaluation. Participants will receive a copy of one of his latest papers and have the opportunity to explore questions and their own thinking with one of the leading evaluation theorists in this area.

Masterclass: Professional Work, Professionalism, & Professionalisation in Evaluation – Wellington 7 April

Although the professionalization movement in evaluation appears to be gathering momentum across the globe, there remain several largely unexplored issues. Inspection of these issues allows evaluators to step back and take a careful look at the ethical aims of their practice, specifically the public or civic value that evaluators as professionals aim to serve.

ANZEA partners with Canadian Evaluation Society

ANZEA is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership that will strengthen our links with evaluation in Canada. In a recently agreed Memorandum of Understanding between ANZEA and the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), we will promote membership in each other’s organisation by offering a discount to members who wish to belong to both organizations.

Workshop: Case Study Evaluation by Helen Simons – Wellington 9 March, Auckland 22 March

Case study has been a feature of evaluation of public programs now for many years as a single case, series of cases or as an element in multi-method, large scale evaluation designs. Justification for this approach to ‘valuing’ the complexity of programs in specific socio/political and cultural contexts is well documented. Yet the practice and quality of case study evaluations varies greatly and we still have much to learn about how to conduct and use them to inform policy making and practice.