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External Event: 2017 Canadian Evaluation Society Annual Conference

The 2017 Canadian Evaluation Society Annual Conference will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, April 30th to May 3rd at the Westin Bayshore on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver. The theme of the conference, “Facing Forward: Innovation, Action and Reflection”, is designed to inspire evaluators at all levels to delve into the latest methods and approaches evaluators are applying in a wide range of contexts and help us explore the ways in which we can incorporate reflection into practice.

The University of Melbourne – Become a leader in the field of evaluation

Become a leader in the field of evaluation with a Master of Evaluation or a Graduate Certificate in Evaluation online with the University of Melbourne, Australia’s number one university. With the flexibility offered by online course delivery, you can now pursue a formal qualification to advance your career as an evaluator, one of today’s most sought-after skill sets in international development, health, education, and the corporate and community sectors.

ANZEA Constitution Updated

ANZEA's Constitution has now been amended and an updated version is available here as well as on our Governance page.

Conference 2016 Presentations Uploaded

A number of our Conference 2016 presenters have generously made their presentations available and these have now been uploaded to our website. Where presentations are available, you will find links to Conference 2016 presentation files on our Conference 2016 Presentations Archive page under their relevant sections.

Masterclass: Systems Thinking – Hamilton 15 September

What can we learn from design thinking joined with systems thinking that might inform new approaches to evaluation design that embrace complexity and emergence? More and more, it seems that the distinction between simple, complicated, and complex is not all that useful. Evaluators work within complex situations. Always. So why haven’t our evaluation designs really changed all that much? We notice complexity, we describe complexity, but we really don’t design evaluations to respond to complexity. In this master class, participants will explore the potential for synergy between design thinking principles and systems thinking approaches with the intent of finding the “spark” or hybrid design space that could result from marrying these two approaches in evaluation practice.

Workshop: Systems Thinking – Christchurch 13 September

Systems thinking helps us understand the world in all its diversity in ways that are practical, comprehensive, and wise. A systems approach to evaluation is particularly useful in situations where rigorous rethinking, reframing, and unpacking complex realities and assumptions are required. This one-day workshop provides an opportunity to explore the practical applications of fundamental systems thinking frameworks and approaches to evaluation practice in programming situations. Participants will find many of the techniques and tools used during the workshop useful when working on any evaluation that involves people!